Mosaic Turquoise

I first discovered mosaic turquoise during one of my frequent trips to my favorite local bead shop, On the Rocks. Since I love the color purple, my eyes were immediately drawn to a strand of mottled purple beads hanging in the gemstone section.  They were labelled “mosaic turquoise;” I decided to purchase them first and ask questions later.

After I got home, I did a search on the internet and learned that these beads were made from tiny bits of turquoise that have been dyed, mixed with other bits of stone, coated with resin and shaped into beads.  The result is stable and strong, and the colors are brilliant and bold.  Turquoise purists might object to them, and I agree they are no substitute for genuine turquoise, but I believe they have their place in the world!

I combined the mosaic turquoise with with black Czech glass pillow beads along with some sterling silver beads to create a necklace and a matching pair of earrings.  I love the results!  Click HERE to see for yourself.


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